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Johannes Schürle
Johannes Schürle
Project Coordinator, Key account & retail services
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Kerstin Moßmann
Kerstin Moßmann
Project Coordinator, Exhibitor service
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Stephan Fischer
Stephan Fischer
Coordinator Visitor Service
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+49 7541 708-331

Training and Continuing Education Plattform

We know how

OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen is a meeting point for industry and trade in the DACH countries. With its new format, OUTDOOR is also a platform for training and continuing education specially tailored to the needs of outdoor retail. Theme areas such as digitalization, marketing, customer management, sales, HR and store fit-out for the retail trade are elaborated and presented here at free lectures. Experts from trade and industry, from professional associations, the media and institutes will share simple and pragmatic approaches with you that you can apply in an easy, straightforward way to your business.


The timing is ideal for gearing up for the winter season with new professional knowledge and fresh ideas. Use the fall months to effect strategic change in your business. We will lend you our support and provide you with the necessary know-how on the OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen knowledge platform.

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