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Johannes Schürle
Johannes Schürle
Project Coordinator, Key account & retail services
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Kerstin Moßmann
Kerstin Moßmann
Project Coordinator, Exhibitor service
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+49 7541 708-2416
Stephan Fischer
Stephan Fischer
Coordinator Visitor Service
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Chances and possibilities for the specialized trade

Everything is going digital – but just how digital does outdoor have to be? Discover the future of retail trade at OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen, and find out at the many workshops and talks how much digitalization suits your business. A comprehensive range of themes will be covered, providing insights into meaningful data collection and administration, virtual experiential worlds, digital sales training, and the scope offered by online sales platforms.


Patrick Majerle & Steffen Vierrether

Patrick Majerle & Steffen Vierrether

  • Local online marketing for the sports retail trade. Tips, tricks & best practice examples to survive digital in the future
  • Company: Bitzilla
  • Homepage: www.bitzilla.de
Dr. Frank Dürr

Dr. Frank Dürr

  • Indoor/Outdoor - Offline/Online.- Virtual salesrooms for the retail trade
  • Company: acameo
  • Homepage: www.acameo.de

Udo Latino

  • The networked shop - Omnichannel made easy
  • Company: Brodos.net GmbH
  • Homepage: www.brodos.net 

Philipp Gotterbarm

  • What the specialist trade can do to keep up with Amazon, Alexa & Co. to pass. Practical marketing tools for immediate implementation in the company
  • Company: GK-Team
  • Homepage: www.gk-team.de