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Getting fit for the 2020 retail season

OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen opts for strong training programme

Prioritising the specialist retailer: this is the concept that the new OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen will be offering at Lake Constance from 17 to 19 September 2019. The training sessions for retailers will therefore be an integral part of the show. At the same time, they will form a key element of the hall design. The benefits: short routes, plenty of information, high utility value.

OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen, the trade show for specialist retailers from 17 to 19 September is taking things seriously: at the end of the summer sales season and in good time before the start of the approaching winter session, presentations of merchandise, customer care, hardware orders and dealing with specialist subject matter occupy the forefront. In Friedrichshafen, the new industry trade fair is concerned above all with bricks-and-mortar retail and the question of how it can survive in today’s outdoor market against direct sales, own brands and an Internet flooded with leftover stock. The answer is both simple and demanding: expert advice. To ensure that business owners and sales staff are fit for this challenge, Messe Friedrichshafen is turning the spotlight onto the subject of training. “The key factor for a specialist shop is the advice it supplies,” explains Stefan Reisinger, Head of the Project Team for the new show. “Advice turns retailers into specialised dealers and distinguishes them from online shops. Customer contacts are just as important for the bricks-and-mortar dealer as a genuine consultancy session by a real sales expert.”

Sales personnel and managers will be offered practically oriented training sessions in five subject areas: digitisation, shop-fitting, sales, customer management and trends. A key factor is that trade show visitors will not have to leave the exhibition halls and find their way to remote conference rooms in order to take part; instead they will find the training session in Foyer East and podiums distributed through the halls. These training sessions will thus become an integral part of a visit to the show, without causing any lost time or other inconveniences.

As part of this concept, Messe Friedrichshafen is including experts from within the sector but also expert knowledge from outside. “As organisers of the show, we are supplying the marketplace, but the contents and the trends come from the experts within the industry,” says Show Director Dirk Heidrich, who is therefore including strong sources of inspiration within the training programme.

What are the trends for the coming outdoor season? Mathias Krenski, editor-in-chief of SAZsport and Ulrike Arlt, editor-in-chief of SAZ Sports & Fashion, will be presenting a trend forecast in this connection. It will deal less with individual new products and more with how products in general actually create and support trends. To this end, the specialist magazine will be chairing a discussion involving outdoor retailers on the subject of personnel.

In times when small, specialised retailers are under pressure from all sides, it is essential to give them the tools essential for their survival. Among those providing information on this subject will be Patrick Majerle and Steffen Vierrether of ‘Bitzilla’ in a discussion on the theme of “Local online marketing for the specialist sports retailer”. Offering a selection of tips, tricks and examples of best practice, the event will look at how the specialist retailer will be able to exist digitally in the future. OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen is mainly concerned here with the small players. Jutta Metzler from the agency ‘Bessere Texte’ will therefore talk about “Marketing on a small Budget”, while Laura Kunisch of Morefire GmbH will deal with the topic of “Online marketing for the outdoor industry”.

The varied programme of events impresses with its very specific topics that retailers will be able to put into practice immediately. However, information on trends and functions will make sure that the “big picture” always stays in view. Michael Schäfenacker from Marketmedia24 will examine the most important submarket in his talk: “The German outdoor industry in figures: who, where, how many” and will focus attention on the German specialist retail trade, enabling it to work with data of specific market relevance.

The extensive programme of talks is growing all the time and can be viewed on the homepage of the new OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen at: Training and Continuing Education Plattform