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Kerstin Moßmann
Kerstin Moßmann
Project Coordinator, Exhibitor service
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Stephan Fischer
Stephan Fischer
Coordinator Visitor Service
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... why you should exhibit at OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen

1. Target Group

Made for the industry's drivers

Tailored to meet the needs of small

and medium-sized manufacturers –

the backbone of the outdoor industry.

2. Location

At the heart of the outdoor market

Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH) are Europe’s most important outdoor market – Friedrichshafen is situated right at the heart of this region.

3. Timing

The right point on the business calendar

Outside of the main sales season and holiday season – at a point in the year when your retailers have a good overview of how the season is going.

4. Effective

Effective support without ostentatious showmanship

Spanning two and half days, OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen is long enough to cover all the important issues – and short enough to be compact and efficient.

5. Cost

Solutions to fit every budget

Affordable, full-service packages tailored to meet the individual requirements of all exhibitors and fit every budget. Suitable accommodation outside the holiday season.

6. Solution-focused

Providing solutions to current issues

How will bricks-and-mortar retail continue to be able to sell at reasonable prices in the future? Free talks and workshops provide practically relevant solutions and added value.

7. Strategy

The real outdoors

Genuine outdoor activities, away from urban environments – these classic adventures are what makes the industry strong. This is the focus of our show.

8. Innovation

Nurturing talent, courage and ideas

Innovative products often result from

unconventional approaches. This requires both fresh thinking and courage.

We support young entrepreneurs with

affordable offers, a dedicated Start-Up

area and the Start-Up Award.

9. Authentic

Genuine enthusiasm

Friedrichshafen is the right setting for outdoor fans. From the majestic Alps, to Lake Constance and the beautiful surrounding countryside, there are countless options for side events.

10. Catering

Eating at the same table

Our expansive networking lounges

and catering areas provide a pleasant

location for all exhibitors and trade

visitors to mix business with pleasure.


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