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Kerstin Moßmann
Kerstin Moßmann
Project Coordinator, Exhibitor service
+49 7541 708-416
+49 7541 708-2416
Stephan Fischer
Stephan Fischer
Coordinator Visitor Service
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Timeline OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen 2019

Application process: 

August 2018 – March 2019

  • Here you can download the Exhibitors Documents (application form + information file). Please submit your application form to outdoor@messe-fn.de until March 1st, 2019.
  • OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen will confirm the receipt of your application by email

Hall allocation

End  of  March – Juli 2019

  • Allocation of the halls with regard to products (categories like shoes, climbing, mountaineering equipment…); chronological order of applications is not decisive for the stand positioning
  • Individual stand offers by e-mail
  • You have to re-confirm the stand location by e-mail for finally booking this stand! With your confirmation your reservation is binding.


April – Juli  2019

You will receive the admission documents via email

  • Admission invoice (stand rental fee or stand construction package fee and media entry fee (for prices see application)). Term of payment after receipt of invoice: 100 % of the invoice due within 4 weeks after receipt. Invoices issued after July 1st, 2019 have to be paid in full immediately. (Easiest way of payment: Direct-debit mandate for credit cards)
  • Stand plan and hall plan
  • You will receive the login data for the Online Service Center (OSC) to edit your media entries and place your orders for technical and other services.

Attention: Closing date for technical orders August 1st,  2019!

Services bookable from

April - Mid of July 2019

  • The closing date for the media entry bookings is July 17th, 2019
  • Attention: The media entries will not be made automatically! Please edit your entries online using the OSC.
  • Booking of marketing services: Advertising spaces, Banner, Logos, Sponsoring
  • Request of conference rooms via email
  • Registration of stand parties (request via OSC, approval by project management)
  • Booking of media services like e.g. New product announcements, Celebrities on your booth, Press conferences, Press boxes at the press center /online
  • Ticket shop for visitors goes online

Service orders for the stand

April - August 2019

  • Closing date for technical orders via OSC : August 1, 2019 (Technical services will be invoiced directly from service partners)
  • Exhibitor passes: free exhibitor passes (number depending on the stand size) and additional exhibitor passes will be provided in the OSC
  • Attention: You will receive the exhibitor passes once the admission invoice is paid in full

Set-up and Dismantling

September 2019

Set-up times

15.09.2019 | 07:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

16.09.2019 | 07:00 a.m. - continuous

17.09.2019 | until 12:00 noon

Entry permit deposit:

During set-up times a deposit for the entry of vehicles into the show grounds will be applied :

Cars: € 100.00 

Trucks: € 200.00 

Dismantling time

19.09.2019  |  from 6:30 p.m. continuous (Access for vehicles from 7 p.m.)

20. - 22.09.2019  |  07:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.


Project Management

Phone +49 7541 708-416

Fax +49 7541 708-2416 

Terms of payment

100 % of the invoice due within 4 weeks after receipt. Invoices issued after July 1st, 2019 have to be paid in full immediately. (Easiest way of payment: Direct-debit mandate for credit cards)

Freight forwarder

Please contact SCHENKER for your dispatch:

Schenker Deutschland AG

Neue Messe 3

88046 Friedrichshafen

Phone +49 7541 25100

Fax +49 7541 22595


At Messe Friedrichshafen there are catering companies which have the exclusive rights to provide all catering services:

 Klink Eberhard GmbH
Zeppelinstraße 306
88048 Friedrichshafen
Phone +49 7545 936777
Fax +49 7545 936778

Should the offers of our caterers not come up to your expectations you can ask the Team OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen for a special authorization for commissioning your own catering company for OUTDOOR Friedrichshafen. Only when you have the written permission from Messe Friedrichshafen GmbH your commissioned catering company will receive an entry permit (€ 100/day/vehicle). This fee must be paid in cash at the gate. If this special permission is not on hand, the security staff is authorized to refuse your catering service entry to the exhibition grounds.